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Main meat of each course uses Shinshu production

Please enjoy the seasonal meal of Shinshu sticking to the material.

We have three course for dinner meal.
Please eat delicious soba noodles handmade together with dishes that feel the season in local Shinshu.

Also breakfast, morning vegetables and organic eggs, popular morning curry and seasonal fruits etc.
We have a variety of hand-made buffets.
  • Three cuisine course

    • Luxury Kaiseki course
      Shinshu premium Beef lavishly stone grilled
      It is a luxurious Kaiseki cuisine plan which upgraded basic meeting cuisine.

      【Menu example】
      Seasonal appetizer/sashimi/Vapor/Grilled Dish(Sweet cooked rainbow trout)
      Fried pottery board(Stone grilled Shinshu Premium Beef)Raw with wasabi/100% ground meal soba noodles
      Pickled Vegetables/Homemade dessert

      ※You can choose dinner from 18 or 19 o'clock.
    • Basic Shinshu Speciality Kaiseki Meal course
      Basic Shinshu Speciality Kaiseki Meal
      Shinshu Beef and rock fish, basic hands-down cuisine that tastes hand-made soba stuck to 100% ground powder.

      【An example of menu】
      Seasonal appetizer/sashimi/Vapor/Grilled Dish(Grilled rocky fish)/Pottery board(Shinshu Beef's apple miso Park)
      Fried food/Passion handled soba/Pickled Vegetables/Homemade dessert

      ※You can choose dinner from 18 or 19 o'clock.
    • Azumino Houboku Pork shabu-shabu meeting cuisine course
      Azumino Houboku Pork with refreshing shabu-shabu
      Please also enjoy the seasonal appetizer, passionate soba.

      【Menu example】
      Seasonal appetizer/sashimi/Vapor/Grilled Dish(Sweet cooked rainbow trout)/Fried food
      Azumino Houboku Pork Shabu-shabu ground powder 100% passionate hand-made soba/Pickled Vegetables/Homemade dessert

      ※You can choose dinner from 18 or 19 o'clock.
  • Handmade breakfast buffet

    Opening Hour/6: 15 to 8: 30
    Venue/1F Alps Ginza

    Breakfast is a buffet that you can eat as much as you want with your favorite thing.
    We can enjoy rice, 5 kinds of bread and drink, more than 20 kinds of side dishes.
    The craftsman of the hotel cooks from early every morning and offers freshly prepared dishes.

    Even those who are not staying can be served.
    (1,080 yen per person)※Reservation required the day before

    Please make a reservation by phone.
    • 1F Alps Ginza Buffet Breakfast

      TEL 0263-28-6500
      Business hours
      6: 15 to 8: 30
  • Children's Menu

    Prepare a menu that children can enjoy!
    • Children's lunch plate
      • Menu for children

        Lunch 2,200 yen(tax included) Plate 1,500 yen(tax included)
  • Additional dishes

    • Shinshu Beef steak
      Delicious thing of one of the Shinshu, steak Shinshu Beef
      Please rub the wasabi of Azumino enjoy with the scent of wasabi.
      ¥ 1,000 (Tax excluded)
    • Sanzoku-yaki
      It is crispy and juicy Matsumoto specialty Sanzoku-yaki chili.
      Please enjoy with mayonnaise without addition of passion.
      700 yen (Tax excluded)
    • Spareribs
      Pork's sparerib is solid with seasoning and compatible with beer!
      500 yen (Tax excluded)
    • Grilled rocky fish
      Salt noodle salted rockfish using rockfish.
      My body is plump, and compatibility with sake is outstanding.
      ¥ 1,000 (Tax excluded)
    • Sweet cooked rainbow trout
      Azumino is sweet dish cooked over time taking the rainbow trout raised in Azumino.
      It is soft and moist, tasty and moist.
      500 yen (Tax excluded)
    • Assorted pickles(Big)
      Fukashiso is a homemade pickled pickled pickled by Fukushosou.
      A delicious local delicacy pickled vegetables and it is a popular dish.
      We prepare from 1 serving to 2 servings, 3 to 4 front.
      From 800 yen to 1,000 yen (Tax Excluded)
  • Beverage

    • Shinshu's Buckwheat Shochu Shinshu-Muso Shuzo Shochu "SUMI"
    • Original sweet potato shochu and barley distilled spirit
    • Shiojiri Wine"Goichi wine"
    • Original label wine from the hotel
    • Local sake in Shinshu"Genuine rice Ginjyo, Daisekkei","Kyoka-Sui month "
    • Local sake "Daisekkei" "Sankyo" "Iwanami"
    • Beer · soft drink
      Beer and a variety of soft drinks