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  2. Kaiseki lunch/New Year

Kaiseki lunch/New Year

Seasonal taste of handmade lunch box

  • A delicious Japanese bento box where you can feel the original taste of the ingredients!
    They are all handmade, use no preservatives, and are passionate about food ingredients as well as seasonings and soup stock.
    There are 5 types of bento in total, and we can also deliver on weekdays depending on the area and number of items, so please feel free to contact us.

    ☎ 0263-28-6500
  • Kaiseki two-tiered "Matsu" 3,000 yen(Tax Excluded)

    Shinshu Premium Beef Steak with sashimi for extravagance.
    It is a two-tiered kaiseki that is pleasing to company meetings and special seating.

    3,000 yen(Tax Excluded)
  • Kaiseki two-tiered "Matsu" 2,500 yen(Tax Excluded)

    It is a two-tiered lunch box with rich colors and pleasing shrimp.
    Enjoy handmade Japanese kaiseki bento with no preservatives added.

    ¥ 2,500(Tax Excluded)

  • Kaiseki two-tiered "Ume" 2,000 yen(Tax Excluded)

    It is an affordable two-tiered lunch box that is pleasing to you during meals and meetings with friends.
    Please enjoy our handmade Japanese kaiseki bento with no added preservatives.

    ¥ 2000(Tax Excluded)
  • Kaiseki 1-tier, 1,500 yen(Tax Excluded)

    This one-stage bento is great for meetings with colleagues and company meetings.
    Enjoy our handmade Japanese Kaiseki lunch with no preservatives added.

    1,500 yen(Tax Excluded)

  • Kaiseki 1-tier weight 1,000 yen(Tax Excluded)

    Feel free and delicious!
    It is a lunch which is kind to all handmade bodies.
    Have a good meal time.

    ¥ 1,000(Tax Excluded)
  • Fukashiso's New Year

    A two-tiered osechi made with carefully selected ingredients, craftsmen carefully make each one.
    For this year's New Year's holiday, why not spend a relaxing and luxurious time at home with your family and friends.

    ·Limited to 100     25,000 yen(Tax-included price)
    ·Delivery date and time:December 31, 10:00 am to 12:00 am
    ·Delivery place:Fukashiso

    ※No preservatives are used, so please refrigerate and consume within 1st January.
    ※If you would like to ship, please contact us
  • Soba for takeaway

    Take-out soba (with soba soup) 900 yen per person(Tax excluded)

    Hand-made soba noodles from this facility can be used as a souvenir, for your home, or even during the year!
    Shipping is also possible.

    ※We prepare packaging in paper bags / boxes according to the number of orders.
    ※We will put a raw wasabi in order of 5 people or more.
    ※Because it is raw noodles, please enjoy as soon as possible.