【Official】Folkcraft Ryokan Fukashiso

A memorable taste of Fukashiso with all your thoughts

Founded in 1916
Folkcraft Ryokan Fukashiso serving delicious Ryoriyado.

At the time of its founding, it was a celery field all over.
Due to the passage of time, we are now quietly standing in a residential area.

Please enjoy the moment when your heart is relieved.
Aiming to be "the best inn in the world"
All of our employees are looking forward to your visit.

As Folk art Inn

  • The Mingei Movement in Shinshu, Matsumoto

    <beauty is in life>
    During the Taisho era, a movement began in Matsumoto to appreciate the beauty of folk arts and crafts and introduce them to the world, based on the idea that beauty lies not in the things one "appreciates" but in the tools that are used in everyday life.
    I discovered that folk crafts, which had previously not been regarded as objects of beauty, were rich in "healthy beauty."

    This facility values the "beauty of everyday life" that is gradually being lost in our busy lives, and the space that evokes a sense of nostalgia.

Enjoy the taste of the "unadorned" ingredients to the fullest

  • Be particular about the material.that's why,delicious.

    Cherish the basics of Japanese cuisine.
    We are committed to local production and consumption, and are committed to using local ingredients.
    We carefully select ingredients that can only be eaten in that season and transform them into a variety of dishes.
    Please enjoy a variety of dishes, each one carefully prepared by our passionate chefs.
  • Taste the ingredients of Shinshu

    The soba noodles served at this facility are freshly handmade and made using 100% buckwheat flour from Shiojiri.
    Nagano Prefecture's climate has a large temperature difference between day and night, which makes for a very fragrant and smooth soba.
    The soba noodles are served with grated Azumino wasabi, a rough-looking plant that packs a spicy, fragrant punch, which you can eat yourself. It's a delicious dish.
  • Fukashiso special soba soup

    The sweet and rich flavor of mackerel flakes, the strong umami and aroma of bonito flakes that are essential for adding depth to dishes, and the light flavor of bonito flakes.
    The soba soup is made by blending the three types of ingredients together with kelp and adding naturally fermented soy sauce produced in a brewery on Azusagawa in Matsumoto City.
    It has a smooth texture and goes perfectly with soba noodles.

Facility Guide

  • Enjoy a moment of relief.

    Some customers come in and say, "I'm home."
    Although it is not flashy, there are small lights lit here and there within the facility, which gives it a nostalgic feel that is part of its charm.
  • Relaxing at the Restaurant

    Dinner will be served in the Restaurant on the second floor.
    Dinner time:From 18:00, from 19:00
  • Breakfast at the restaurant "Alps Ginza"

    A delicious and mildly flavored breakfast
    Breakfast time:7:00 to 8:30

    Breakfast is also available to guests not staying at the hotel.
    1,430 yen per person(tax included)
    ※Reservation required the day before. Please make reservations by phone.
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Hotel Name

Folkcraft Ryokan Fukashiso


2-11-21 Namiyanagi, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture

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15 minutes by car from JR Matsumoto Station◇5 minutes by car from Minami-Matsumoto Station / 20 minutes by car from Matsumoto IC / 3 minutes by walk from the nearest bus stop (Mt Koubou Entrance)

Pick-up presence (condition)
Matsumoto Station Alps Guchi at 15:30 and 17:30, we offer free pick-up from 9:00 at 10:00 in the morning to Matsumoto Station. Please contact us in advance.
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