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  2. Enhance your mind and body

Enhance your mind and body

  • ■miso

    Miso uses domestic rice and the domestic soybean, is a unique taste that was aged in early spring to make a charge Fukashiso of miso room.
  • ■Soy sauce

    It is a nostalgic natural brewed soy sauce made in the storehouse of Azusagawa, Matsumoto City.  It is rich in fragrance and you can taste the taste of wooden tub.
  • ■Desktop salt

    It is 100% pure natural "sunlight salt" made of seawater from Shark Bay, Australia. Natural salt with plenty of mineral is neutral, less burdens on the body, it is recommended salt for people with high blood pressure and elderly people, those who want to increase beauty effect.
  • ■seven spice blend

    The raw material is Shichimi chili pepper, which uses only Shinshu Product and pesticide-free ingredients. Please enjoy the spicy and rich flavor.
  • ■ketchup

    It is a ketchup made using organic "onion" and "Zuiun Rice Vinegar" that uses rice grown based on natural farming methods as "Zuiun Rice Vinegar" and incorporating enzyme decomposition that takes advantage of the taste and flavor of vegetables.
  • ■mayonnaise

    The raw material eggs are egg yolks of chicken eggs grown in the nature of Kyushu Kuju Plateau, and oil is oil of rapeseed oil and vegetable oil is blended, it is mayonnaise made of safe and secure material.
  • ■Water

    Fukashiso has passion for water as well.
    Activated water from the faucet in the facility is very soft when you drink it
    It has a mellow taste.
    It is moistly gentle to your skin, and we are also pleased with women and sensitive skin.

    We use activated water for all the dishes served at this facility,
    Because the original taste is pulled out, soba and buckwheat noodles that craftsmen strike are fragrant and rich,
    Rice cooks rice flour.
    It is pleasant to enjoy the taste of various seasons for each season, and it is nice if you can feel the difference in delicate taste.