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  2. Infectious disease measures of Fukashiso

Infectious disease measures of Fukashiso

  • Thank you for your use of the Fukashiso
    We take every possible measure to ensure that our guests have peace of mind during their stay.

    All the staff are thorough in hygiene, and we manage and check the physical condition every day.
    In addition, all employees have been vaccinated against the new coronavirus twice to prevent infectious diseases.

    We ask our customers to disinfect their hands and fingers, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • (3) Disinfectants are set up at the entrance and elsewhere in this facility.
    We ask our customers to disinfect and wear a mask.We appreciate your cooperation.
  • (4) We are performing spatial sterilization using hypochlorous acid water equipment.
    We sterilize the space around the front desk and in the rooms and Restaurant before check-in so that you can stay with peace of mind.
  • ⑤ Please use for mouth wash and hand wash
    We also have hand soaps and mouth rinses that will clean your mouth.
  • ⑥ Hygiene with hand soap
    Please use the hand soap installed in the room with washbasin.
    The staff will also thoroughly wash the hands.
  • ⑦ The Restaurant room should be a private room or a space
    We will prepare private rooms as much as possible to reduce contact with other customers.
    We hope you enjoy the meal at Fukashiso with peace of mind.
  • ⑧ There is also a private bath in addition to the large public bath
    In addition to the large public bath, there is also a private bath.The private bath is free of charge, so please use it in your spare time.
    Fukashiso of hot water in which the skin becomes smooth, please heal relax the fatigue of the journey.